Monday, May 27, 2013

A Faith Dream Journey of Writing to Publishing

My Faith Dream Journey of writing has taken many turns. I've felt anger, sadness, grief, joy, and peace. While I never know how things will turn out,  I trust they always will turn out for the best. This marks my 3rd year on this amazing writing journey. 

When I started my online writing, I only dreamed of becoming a published author one day. Well my friends, today is the day.  I have accomplished my goal. I published my first book.  

It just goes to show, that with faith and a dream, one can accomplish anything. Without God this is impossible, but with Him anything is possible.  I'm utterly amazed at the journey God has led me on.  From sorrow to joy, from grief to peace, and from an inspirational writer to a published author, this journey is amazing.

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Taellywood Treasure Hunt (A Soul Quest to Discover God’s Wisdom Box) is a work of fiction. It's the story of five friends who embark on a quest to find an ancient treasure. Each one has their own reasons to find the treasure. They'll be tested and challenged. A broken relationship is rekindled, another finds peace after grief and loss, while one lives in constant rebellion. In spite of everything, the Taellywood Treasure possesses a deep, held secret.

Inside this treasure chest holds something much greater than all the precious jewels of the world. Legend proclaims it holds a box which contains God’s wisdom. In this treasured wisdom box one will find all the answers. For whoever opens it will acquire all the wisdom of God and attain all human understanding. 
The Taellywood Treasure Hunt is a discovery of wisdom. It’s a desire for answers, a pursuit of truth, and a journey of destiny. It’s a soul’s quest to uncover the wisdom of God, to understand why things happen, and what these friends discover is the most valuable gift of all. 
I will continue writing on my Faith Dream Journey and keep walking this dream. I know there is a reason for everything under the sun. And I truly believe we each have a special purpose in this life. 

I thank God every day for this wonderful journey of exploring my dreams. I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  For I long to hear Him say, "Well done, my faithful servant."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Writing from your Heart and Dealing with Writer's Block

Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper with pen in hand and nothing came to mind? Some may refer to this as writer's block and every writer has experienced this at some point in their writing career.

I find if I just start writing something; anything, then my mind begins to process the ideas and thoughts I want to convey.

For the past year, I've been writing a Fiction book. I will go strong in the chapters, sometimes writing for hours. Then I'll put it aside to "let it rest" for a few days. I'll pick it back where I left off and continue writing some more. If I wait too long, I ache to write.

Have you ever felt that way? When you take a vacation from writing and you're heart pulls at you to write so much that you ache for it? If I don't write on daily basis, I tend to fall into the writer's block syndrome.

I set goals for myself. I put deadlines in my head to complete certain tasks. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my readers. If I don't meet those writing goals, I sense a loss. I sense I let my readers down. Now I'm like most writers, I write because I love it. I also live a life outside of writing. At times, my schedule doesn't stretch enough to spend hours at the keyboard. Again I walk away feeling disappointed.

How to deal with writer's block?

I've read so many articles on this that offer great tips and ideas but here I'll share with what works best for me.

  • I have a thought and I just begin. I write and write whatever comes to mind. Eventually my mind is free flowing and I've emerged from this writer's block.
  • I look to inspirational quotes and with word association, I rewrite the quote changing a word here and there. Next I'll write what that quote means to me. In no time I'm writing inspirational words.
  • Beautiful art and photos of nature always inspire me. I use my imagination to place myself in the photo and using all my senses, I write what I experience. My writer's block has been broken.

These are just a few examples of what works for me. Whatever you do that works, keep on doing it. Then step outside of your comfort zone.

Experiencing writer's block doesn't have to stop on a dead-end street.  Take comfort that it's just your mind taking a little vacation.  Pick up the pen and just free-write from your heart, soon you'll be writing that book.

I hope you'll pick up my book when it's published.  You can follow Faith Dream's Journey Blog for more information. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dreams and Finding Purpose in Life

Faith Dreams Journey is a journey of hope; a journey towards living out one's dreams. I've lived and laughed, loved and cried. I've experienced many joys and many sorrows.  Through all of this, I've lived my faith dream.

I'm discovering new paths. I'm searching for real purpose.

As I reach my goals, I set myself on new heights. Following along the pastures of golden dreams, the threads I've sewn have all led me to this place, at this time.

I'm focusing on my eBook now and it will soon be published. I'm so excited to start this new journey. A part of my journey has always been to share it with my readers. I've come so far and been so blessed. I'm excited to say if you want to continue following me on my journey, please do so.

I've created a new website, Living the Faith Dream where I will post my books.  (Yes, I have several books in the making). I'm so excited to share them with all of you.
I thank each person who has contributed to my success in online writing. I can't say enough how your encouragement has impacted me. In a small way, that has given me reasons to plug through even when I felt like giving it all up. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Writing Journey to Living the Dream

Where have I been? Not far away my friend. My passion of writing has taken me on some fantastic journeys and I'm loving every minute of it. This is what I call, living the dream.

As a writer, you never know how your work will be accepted. Sometimes you pour your heart and soul in a piece and no one ever notices. Sometimes you write a piece that speaks volumes and others take notice. The writing world can be unpredicatable at times but we can never give up.

There are down times when you hit writer's block and no matter what you do, you just can't find the words to put down. And then there are those days when the creative juices flow like living waters. The words fall off the page because you can't put them down fast enough.

Well lately, I've taken a cruise into my writer's journey and did some research. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on to create my very own website. I'm taking the next steps to finishing my eBooks and getting them to the public. These are stepping stones for me. As I prepare this next phase of my writing career, I do what comes naturally for me, I do the research.

My new website is called, "Living the Faith"  Feel free to swing over and check it out. As I'm working on growing that site, I will be spending a lot more time there. 

Faith Dream's Journey will continue. I'm not going away. I'm just extending my arms.  I have so much to share with my readers that I'll spend more time on developing articles and reports that I can offer on my new website.  I hope you continue to follow me on my journey as I believe this is where God is leading me.  Be blessed and keep reaching for the stars.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Top 4 Inspirational Books For the Writer Within

As this journey of life has taken me up and down so many paths, I've always been eager to share what I learned along the way. Here on Faith Dream's Journey, I'm just a dreamer living by faith and my current venture is writing my first eBook.

Since I'm writing in a lot of different places these days (online and personal), I have to prioritize.

With everything that happens in life, when you focus on one thing too long, other things are sacrificed. You have to make some tough decisions. For those of you who follow my blog, thank you. I don't post as much as I used to because of the sacrifices I'm making, but I do appreciate you sticking with me on my journey.

I'm learning a lot about eBook publishing and about being an inspirational writer. Today, I'd like to share with you some great books I've found that have been helpful. 

Faith Dream Wisdom

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