Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dreams and Finding Purpose in Life

Faith Dreams Journey is a journey of hope; a journey towards living out one's dreams. I've lived and laughed, loved and cried. I've experienced many joys and many sorrows.  Through all of this, I've lived my faith dream.

I'm discovering new paths. I'm searching for real purpose.

As I reach my goals, I set myself on new heights. Following along the pastures of golden dreams, the threads I've sewn have all led me to this place, at this time.

I'm focusing on my eBook now and it will soon be published. I'm so excited to start this new journey. A part of my journey has always been to share it with my readers. I've come so far and been so blessed. I'm excited to say if you want to continue following me on my journey, please do so.

I've created a new website, Living the Faith Dream where I will post my books.  (Yes, I have several books in the making). I'm so excited to share them with all of you.
I thank each person who has contributed to my success in online writing. I can't say enough how your encouragement has impacted me. In a small way, that has given me reasons to plug through even when I felt like giving it all up. 

My faith has never let me down. My purpose is still strong. I'm still believing that ALL things are possible with God. I'm walking this journey alongside my Father. I'm believing it will surpass all my expectations.

Faith Dream is on her way. She is living strong and living the dream; she is living the Faith Dream and finding purpose in life.

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