Thursday, April 4, 2013

Writing from your Heart and Dealing with Writer's Block

Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper with pen in hand and nothing came to mind? Some may refer to this as writer's block and every writer has experienced this at some point in their writing career.

I find if I just start writing something; anything, then my mind begins to process the ideas and thoughts I want to convey.

For the past year, I've been writing a Fiction book. I will go strong in the chapters, sometimes writing for hours. Then I'll put it aside to "let it rest" for a few days. I'll pick it back where I left off and continue writing some more. If I wait too long, I ache to write.

Have you ever felt that way? When you take a vacation from writing and you're heart pulls at you to write so much that you ache for it? If I don't write on daily basis, I tend to fall into the writer's block syndrome.

I set goals for myself. I put deadlines in my head to complete certain tasks. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my readers. If I don't meet those writing goals, I sense a loss. I sense I let my readers down. Now I'm like most writers, I write because I love it. I also live a life outside of writing. At times, my schedule doesn't stretch enough to spend hours at the keyboard. Again I walk away feeling disappointed.

How to deal with writer's block?

I've read so many articles on this that offer great tips and ideas but here I'll share with what works best for me.

  • I have a thought and I just begin. I write and write whatever comes to mind. Eventually my mind is free flowing and I've emerged from this writer's block.
  • I look to inspirational quotes and with word association, I rewrite the quote changing a word here and there. Next I'll write what that quote means to me. In no time I'm writing inspirational words.
  • Beautiful art and photos of nature always inspire me. I use my imagination to place myself in the photo and using all my senses, I write what I experience. My writer's block has been broken.

These are just a few examples of what works for me. Whatever you do that works, keep on doing it. Then step outside of your comfort zone.

Experiencing writer's block doesn't have to stop on a dead-end street.  Take comfort that it's just your mind taking a little vacation.  Pick up the pen and just free-write from your heart, soon you'll be writing that book.

I hope you'll pick up my book when it's published.  You can follow Faith Dream's Journey Blog for more information. Stay tuned.

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