Thursday, May 24, 2012

Should Christian Women Read "Fifty Shades of Grey"

It's one of the most popular books on the market. A New York Times # One Bestseller and millions of women are reading E.L. James' book, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The controversial book was banned in several town libraries. Yet most women reading this bestseller will say the book is not controversial. What's all the uproar about?

I sat with a group of women today who have all joined together to read this book.

They laughed and joked about the elements of the story. They encouraged one another to get the next book in this trilogy series. Several of the women didn't own the book but after discussing the premise of the story, they decided to download it and go out an buy it. Now the group of women are all reading this book, except me.

As a Christian woman, I have no interest in reading this book. However it is more than that. I have no interest in reading this book but I wondered why it's so popular. I cannot understand it. So I asked the group of women. "Isn't this book about pornography? Doesn't the book contain explicit details?" It's been categorized as erotic fiction.

One woman explained it to me in this way. There are some scenes that are like that, but the story is more than sex. It goes into a deeper study of the individuals portrayed in the story. It seemed to me, the woman was trying to downplay everything I ever heard or read about this book. She went on to explain the book was more about getting inside a person's mind, why the characters in the book act a certain way. OK, I understood what she was saying, but no thank you, I'm not interested.

This got me thinking; should Christian women read the E.L. James novel?  I read that the author will not even allow her own children to read it. Why is that?

The Bible teaches us to guard our hearts and minds. The discerning spirit says to test everything against the scriptures. I imagined Jesus sitting at the lunch table with me as the jokes turned a little risque. I wondered what He thought about the ladies cracking sexual innuendos. Perhaps they looked at me as a prude. Maybe they talked about me later, after I had left. Either way, I did not compromise who I am.

And no, I'm not a prude nor am I insecure. I know who I am in Christ. I am an encourager and I live for Him. If I bent to every wind that passes into my life, who would I be then?

Society may love the book. It has sold around ten million copies and a film about the series is in the works.

Tomorrow when I see my women friends, I won't be judging them on their choice of books. I won't be reading the book, yet they are still my friends.

I am not in the place to judge them for I am only responsible for my own actions. I posted this message because I was a bit perplexed. I just wondered why so many have an interest in this book. It's not for me but I was wondering if other Christian women are reading it. What about you? What do you think?


  1. I read all 3 of the books back in March, but I did it in such a hurry, so I just started to slowly read book 1 again. Everyone's version of normal varies. I think if you look closely, it's a love story. Yes, there are some descriptive details, but I would not hand the book over to my children under the age of 18.

    1. Thanks for responding to this post. I appreciate your opinion. I heard so many comments about this book series and it didn't peak my interest in reading, but then again I don't read romance novels either.
      Thanks for your comments.


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